Scubalamp D-Pro Strobe

Scubalamp D-Pro Strobe

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SUPE Scubalamp D-Pro underwater strobe have some leading feature:

1. Instant recharge: recycle time at 0.1-1.1Sec.  Beam Angel:150 degree
2.Continous Unlimited flash Sync with 10 flashes/sec at first mode.
3.Battery capacity to fire up to 3000 flashes(first power) and 500 flashes (full power).
4.Battery Compartment Sealed


Guide number ISO100 : 30
Flash tube : circular flash tube
Flash output : 160 Watts
Connection : optical cable / 5 pin syn cord/Slave mode
Beam angle : 150 degree
Output :1st-9th mode with 9th mode testing function
Battery : SUPE Battery Pack ( 3x 18650 lithium batteries)
Battery efficiency :37.8wh
Power Capacity : 500 flashes at full power, 3000 flashes at 1st mode
Power indicator :  LCD displaying
Recycle time (full) : 0.1-1.1s.
Continuous shooting : 10 frames high speed continuous shooting at 1st mode.
Colour temperature : 4800K
Depth rating : 100m
Focus/target light : 5W / 500 lumen center focus
Dimensions : 170 x 90 mm
Weight (land) : 1080g without battery
Weight ( underwater) : 120g
Do not support S-TTL&TTL
Package: strobe,battery pack, charger,user manual
diffuser are optional